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AO Nordic Advanced Principals of Fracture Management – Copenhagen 2018

On this page you can find and download the lectures from the AO Nordic Advanced course held in Copenhagen April 2018:

Monday  Lecture Presenter
1 Reduction of extrarticular fracture_AOadv_Barckman Jeppe Barckman
2 Reduction intra-articular fracture Markus Parkkinen
3 locking plates- Use and abuse Anna Ekman
4 soft tissue handling in closed fractures LB Lasse Bayer
5 MIO_Copenhagen_2018_final short Janos Solyom
6 0steoporotic fractures ppp Yngvar Krukhaug
7 Femoral neck fx. AEK Anna Ekman
8 Trochanteric fractures – final edition Ante Kalstad
9 Distal femoral fracturesCarlErikAlm2018 Carl Erik Alm
Tuesday   Lecture Presenter
1 Clavikle fractur AO Adv 2018_Barckman Jeppe Barckman
2 Proximal humerusCarlErikAlm2018 Carl Erik Alm
3 Complex fractures of the humerus Janos Solyom
4 Distal humerus AO adv 2018 1.2 Johan Scheer
5 Fracture dislocation of the elbow 2018 Johan Scheer
6 Radial Head fracture Michael Brix
7 Uncommon forearm fractures Copenhagen 2018 Yngvar Krukhaug
8 Distal radius Copenhagen2018 pp Yngvar Krukhaug
Wed-nesday  Lecture Presenter
1 Tibial shaft fracturesCarlErikAlm2018 Carl Erik Alm
2 Complex tibial plateau fractures Final Markus Parkkinen
3 Complex tibia frame Kold1 Søren Kold
4 Pilon Søren Kold
5 The complicated ankle fracture LB Lasse Bayer
6 TalusCalcAONordic2018CPH Morten Schultz Larsen
7 Lisfranc Hagen Schmal
8 Pelvic ring_initial management_Copenhagen_2018 Janos Solyom
9 Acetabular Fractures-principles and initial management-AO-Advanced_Barckman 2018 Jeppe Barckman
10 Damage Control Orthopedics Hagen Schmal
11 Open fractures Markus Parkkinen
12 Periprostetisk frakturer AO advanced 2018 final Michael Brix
13 Infection Ante Kalstad
Openbook video
Thurs-day Lecture Presenter
1 Pediatric Fracture Klaus Hindsø
2 Violation of principles Anna Ekman
3 Non-union Søren Kold
4 malunion indications Søren Kold
5 Mangled Extremity Ante Kalstad
Pelvic workshop


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