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Foredrag Advanced 2016

  Titel Navn
Monday Moderator – Morten Schultz Larsen
Welcome and introduction Morten Schultz Larsen
Reduction extraarticular fractures Frank Damborg
Reduction intra articular fractures Jouzas Peruskevicius
Locking plates – use and abuse Anders Jordy
Soft tissue handling in closed fractures Lasse Bayer
Workshop – Reduction Frank Damborg
MIO indication og tecnique Morten Schultz Larsen
Fixation i osteoporotic bone Jeppe Barckman
Small group discussion 1 – reduction and basic principles
Moderator – Frank Damborg
Femoral neck fractures, golden standard and breaking news Anders Jordy
Intertrochanteric fracture – 10 things during surgery that will optimize outcome Søren Kring
Subtrochanteric fracture – current treatment, pearls and pitfalls Søren Kring
Distal femur fracture, current treatment and timing of operation Michael Brix
Workshop – Distal femur Michael Brix
Small discussion group 2 – Femur
Tuesday Moderator – Lasse Bayer
Claviclefracture – when and how to operate Frank Damborg
Scapulafracture – indication and fixation Jeppe Barckman
Proximal humerus fracture, fix, replace or nonoperative treatment Kjeld Andersen
Workshop – Proksimal humerus – Philos Kjeld Andersen
Complex humeral shaft fractures Søren Kring
Distal humerus fracture Lasse Bayer
Small discussion group 3 – Humerus
Moderator – Anders Jordy
Fracture dislocation of the elbow Kjeld Andersen
Radial head fracture – fix, replace or remove Michael Brix
Workshop – distal humerus Lasse Bayer
Complex forearm fractue and Essex Lopresti injury Hagen Schmal
Distal radiusfractur – Golden standard oand breaking news Lasse Bayer
Distale radiusfractur – Complications and how to avoid them Frank Damborg
Carpal injuries you must know Marianne Lind
Small discussion group 4 – Forearm/wrist
Future in orthopedic trauma science Hagen Schmal
Fireside discussion Alle
Wednesday Moderator – Søren Kold
Tibial shaft fracture (proximal, distal, segmental) Anders Jordy
Complex Tibia Plateau fracture – ORIF Frank Damborg
Complex Tibia Plateau fracture – ExFix Jouzas Peruskevicius
Workshop Proksimal tibia LCP Anders Jordy
Early and definitive treatment of Pilon fracure Søren Kold
Complex malleolar fracture Lasse Bayer
Talus and calcaneus fracture Kjeld Andersen
LisFranc and midfoot fracture Marianne Lind
Small discussion group 5 Tibia/foot
Moderator – Michael Brix
Workshop Pilon Søren Kold
Pelvic ring initial management and evaluation Jeppe Barckman
Acetabular fracture – principles and initial management Michael Brix
Damage Control Orthopedics – why, how and when Morten Schultz Larsen
Small discussion group 6 Polytrauma and pelvis
Open fractures Jouzas Peruskevicius
Periprostetic fracture Michael Brix
Infection Søren Kold
Thursday Moderator – Morten Schultz Larsen
Pediatric fractures Marianne Lind
Tips and tricks from instructors
Rotation – 4 groups -55 min each station
1. Pediatric fractures ML + 1
Cases – operative technique
2. Patient positioning MB + 1
Alternatives and modifications that will make it easier
3. Intamedullary nailing SKr + 1
Tips, pitfalls, poller scews and more
4. Pelvic emergency management JB + 2
Sling, Exfix, C-clamp
MCQ Test Morten Schultz Larsen
Violation of principles Michael Brix
Malunion – indication for correction Søren Kold
Mangled extremity management Jeppe Barckman
Results of test and closing remarks Morten Schultz Larsen

…den bedste vej til knogleheling