TimeAgenda itemWho
08:00-08:10Welcome and introductionMB
08:10-08:25Reduction extra articular fractureJB
08:25-08:40 Reduction intra articular fracture AJ
08:45-09:00Locking plates – use and abuseHS
09:00-09:15Soft tisssue handling in closed fractureLBy
09:15-09:30COFFEE BREAK
09:30-10:50Practical Exercise 1 Reduction techniquesPIA
10:50-11:05MIO indication and techniqueML
11:05-11:20Fixation in osteoporotic bonePIA
11:20-12:35Small group discussion 1 – Basic principlesLBi
12:35-13:30LUNCH BREAK
13:30-13:45Femoral neck fracturesTKA
13:45-14:00Intertrochanteric fracturesLBi
14:05-14:20Distal femur fracturesAJ
14:20-14:40COFEE BREAK
14:40-16:05Practial Exercise 2 Distal femurAJ+TKA
16:05-17:25Small group discussion 2 – FemurTKA